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Plastic Bottle Design with Complex Decoration



Bottle for drinking water or other liquids. Designed in SolidWorks and Rendered in Maxwell Render.


My Table Fan in SolidWorks

Animation of my table fan in SolidWorks.

This is the complete computer model of the desk/table fan that I used in my student life. With a view to honing my modeling skill in SolidWorks I modeled all the parts of my fan in SolidWorks except the electric wires that are not mechanical parts. As I am a mechanical engineer, I focused only on mechanical parts. So, I did not model the capacitor and stator coils. Not all parts were modeled according to my existing fan. I modified some of the parts. My personal fan was of well-known MEDIA brand (Bangladesh). But for my SolidWorks project I designed in custom graphic sticker showing an imaginary brand name – SuperTech.  It took about 10 days to model the whole parts of the fan in SolidWorks. I used precise measurements for every drawing of my table fan. Above is the photorealistic rendering of the full assembly that I modelled. I am endeavouring to step into the field of design sector.

The full assembly in SolidWorks

The full assembly in SolidWorks

Below are the renderings of various parts that I modeled.
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More pictures will be uploaded shortly.

My Microlab TMN-8 Speaker (আমার মাইক্রোল্যাব স্পীকার)

A complete computer model of my personal sound system (Microlab TMN-8). SolidWorks is really a powerful parametric modelling and design software that allows us to carry out complex modelling.
This comprehensive assembly comprises all the components of my sound system that are visible from outside. It took me about 15 days to gradually model all the components and create assemblies/sub-assemblies with near-precise dimensions.
Below are the renderings of various parts and assemblies that I modeled.
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satellite driver

perforated screen of satellite driver

a bigger rendering of the screen

right panel

right panel

power switch

audio (RCA) connectors (female)

audio connector (male)

Adjustment knobs (volume and bass)

audio connector (female)

A 608-Bearing

This is the model of a 608-bearing. I have modeled this ball bearing according to the specifications of the 608-bearing.

The sky-high megastructure of RUET (রুয়েটের আকাশচুম্বী স্থাপত্য)

[ Watch animated video on YouTube ]
The only gigantic architecture of my university. Water tank of Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology. It’s about 90 feet high. This is the structure by which I walk every day as it is situated just beside the way to our academic building. I used to cherish a dream t build this sky-high megastructure in a CAD program. After gaining a little bit confidence on CAD works, I started my endeavour (March 2011). I have modeled the entire water tank. Above is the photorealistic rendering of the modeled water tank. I used AutoCAD 2007 to model and render this structure.
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about to touch the sky ! ! !

rendered from bottom side

with an ocean background

hgh above the ocean !!!

the ladder for climbing upwards